The Lakers and head coach searches

While I won’t pretend to have a clear idea of who the Lakers are targeting to be their next head coach, this round of media speculation brought to mind some big-picture thoughts.

When it comes to a head coach search, the fans want some idea of how things are going. If those responsible for the search have kept everything close, there isn’t always a ton of material. Anyone club officials speak to goes onto the radar. The best candidates for the job become the topic of discussion. There’s a reasonable chance – at least a decent chance in comparison to others who might get the job – that they could be in contention, but sometimes many subjects of the speculation never seriously considered the opportunity.

The current search for a new Lakers coach led some to speculate about Larry Brown. While Brown has had success in both the college and professional arenas, he only relatively recently (2012) took the post of head coach at Southern Methodist University. Continue reading “The Lakers and head coach searches”